Red Bag Solutions COVID-19 Message


To Red Bag Solutions’ clients, distributors, citizens of the USA and the world,

As we try to navigate these difficult times and deal with the COVID-19 Virus we want to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. All the people at Red Bag Solutions are focused on complying with the governmental recommendations in order to minimize the impact of the disease on our neighbors and friends and fellow citizens.

Red Bag Solutions’ business relies heavily on the people in hospitals and the biopharmaceutical industry. We recognize them and salute them for their hard work and dedication during this period of stress and uncertainty. In addition to Clinical staff, individuals in Environmental Services, Facilities and Supply Chain functions are severely impacted by this virus and are working incredibly hard to provide the tools and therapies to treat the sick and prevent the spread of the virus. To all of you in this fight, you have our sincere respect and admiration.

To assist in this effort, we are continuing to manufacture, maintain and support our Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) machines for our customers. The SSM machines process biohazardous waste at the point of generation, INCLUDING waste generated from treating COVID-19 patients, rendering the virus completely inactive. We guarantee that all bacteria, fungi and viruses are killed during sterilization to a 10 log 6 level and guarantee the waste to have been sterilized during the 30-minute processing cycle.

We look forward to the introduction of new therapies and technologies to combat and eliminate the virus and for our world to return to normal as quickly as possible.

With Kind Regards,
The Red Bag Solutions Team

Our Solutions

Our innovative solutions are demonstrably less costly than the waste management solutions most commonly in use today.

Our environmentally friendly process fits seamlessly into any medical or life sciences facility and is efficient and easy to implement.

Eliminate biohazardous waste hauling. Waste is rendered 100% sterile, unrecognizable, and suitable for municipal disposal or recycling.

Red Bag Solutions provides biohazardous and regulated medical waste processing solutions that save money, guarantee sterilization, and have less environmental impact than other commonly used methods.

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