Improving Environmental Sustainability

Since our founding, Red Bag Solutions has been committed to providing a superior method of processing Biohazardous and Regulated Medical Waste.  That passion also includes a deep commitment to being good stewards of the environment and helping our business partners realize that sustaining the environment is not only good for our businesses and families now but, for the many generations that will come after us.  Our technology delivers substantial savings and environmental benefits to many of our healthcare clients throughout the world.

Red Bag Solutions can help improve a facility’s environmental sustainability by:

Diverting processed waste away from landfills and incinerators.

Every piece of biohazardous or regulated medical waste that has been processed in our machine has been sterilized during our patented process.  The output of the SSM is considered ordinary solid waste.   As such the processed waste may be easily recycled in the case of plastics, used as fuel in waste to energy plants or otherwise repurposed.

Enabling a facility to recycle or repurpose the plastics that come from post processed waste.

Biohazardous plastic that has been processed by the SSM is ideal material for recycling.  The post-processing product has been sterilized and is ground into small size particles that are highly desirable to recyclers.  New and emerging technology in the market allows for medical grade plastic to be processed into synthetic crude oil.   This oil becomes a foundational component of new plastic material. Red Bag Solutions’ technology gives our customers options for diverting plastic from community landfills.

Reducing the volume of waste.

Red Bag Solutions technology simultaneously macerates (grinds) and sterilizes the waste during processing.  Consequently, the volume of the waste can be reduced by up to 90%.  Liquid waste, including the contents of sealed containers, is sterilized and disposed of via the sanitary sewer reducing weight of processed waste. Grinding the material allows the post processed waste to compact, thereby taking up less space in the facility’s trash container and subsequent arrival at the landfill.   

Reducing greenhouse gasses associated with the transport of waste to the landfill.

Transporting waste to off-site processing locations means trucks picking up waste multiple times per week. These vehicles generate greenhouse gasses with every mile driven and every minute idling at a loading dock.  On-site processing eliminates the emissions generated by transport.  And don’t worry, the surrounding homes and businesses won’t miss the traffic.

Providing expertise in waste segregation and recycling.

Healthcare facilities that segregate their waste have the opportunity to both save and make money.  Different categories of waste are billed and disposed of at different rates.  Red Bag Solutions has the experience and expertise to help your facility design and implement a program to classify and sort waste streams into appropriate containers for disposal or recycling. 

The following news story is just one example of the environmental success stories with Red Bag Solutions: