MAGNET GROUP contracts with Red Bag Solutions Inc. to offer its members technology and purchased services for the onsite processing of biohazardous waste

Baltimore Maryland, June 1, 2018 – Red Bag Solutions Inc. announced its Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) technology has received a contract from the MAGNET GROUP.  Red Bag Solutions’ patented Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) technology provides a cost effective and environmentally responsible method for a healthcare facility to process its biohazardous medical waste.  The onsite SSM process simultaneously macerates (grinds) and sterilizes the waste using only superheated water and steam.  The confetti like end product, which is sterilized, unrecognizable and HIPAA compliant, may be disposed of in an ordinary landfill, recycled or used as a waste to energy source.  Red Bag Solutions innovative technology is the only large volume steam sterilization waste processing technology in the marketplace to guarantee sterilization.  The liabilities associated with transporting medical waste through the community and ultimately placing it in a landfill are eliminated.  Onsite processing can also enhance a facility’s environmental sustainability initiatives by providing pathways to recycling or repurposing the waste thereby diverting it from being placed in a landfill.

Mr. Donald R. Millard, Red Bag Solutions’ CEO commented – “We believe we bring substantial value to the healthcare marketplace in an area that is becoming increasingly aware of the challenges and price pressures facing them in the disposal of their biohazardous waste.  Our solution is cost effective, efficient and environmentally superior to other options being utilized in healthcare facilities today.  We look forward to delivering value and cost savings to the members of the MAGNET GROUP and its affiliated organizations now and in the years to come.”


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