Red Bag Solutions Adds Two New, Lower Cost Models to Product Portfolio

Red Bag Solutions introduces two new models of the Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) system for processing biohazardous waste.  The new SSM models address the needs of healthcare facilities generating lower volumes of biohazardous waste (less than 200,000 lbs. per year).  Smaller healthcare facilities have historically been underserved and overcharged for the disposal of biohazardous waste, and Red Bag Solutions’ new SSM models can change that.

The SSM-SI-ST and SSM-IB-ST (ST designates “Smaller Process Tank”) simultaneously sterilize (GUARANTEED) and macerate biohazardous waste, reducing its volume and weight while rendering it unrecognizable, HIPAA compliant and completely safe for repurposing or recycling.  The latest SSM models have minimal space requirements (300 sq. ft.) and are easily installed.  The ST models are also significantly less expensive, allowing smaller volume generators to reduce their biohazardous waste disposal costs while receiving all the unique benefits of standard SSM models.

Red Bag Solutions’ patented Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) technology provides a cost effective and environmentally responsible method for a healthcare facility to process its biohazardous waste.  SSM’s chemical-free process sterilizes waste using superheated water and steam.  The confetti-like end product is unrecognizable and HIPAA compliant, may be disposed of in the nearest landfill, recycled or used as a waste to energy source.  This reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions and eliminates the liabilities associated with transporting untreated medical waste through the community.  Onsite processing also expands a facility’s environmental sustainability initiatives by creating additional recycling programs and reducing the impact on landfills, thus enhancing the facility’s profile in the local community.  

Don Millard, Red Bag Solutions’ CEO commented – “We believe we bring substantial value to the healthcare marketplace that is becoming increasingly aware of the challenges and price pressures facing them in the disposal of their biohazardous waste.  We also address the need of facilities generating lesser amounts of waste to reduce costs and improve their environmental sustainability.   Our solution is cost effective, efficient and environmentally superior to other options being utilized in healthcare facilities today.  

About Red Bag Solutions - For over 20 years, Red Bag Solutions, SSM technology has been installed in institutions across America as well as several international locations processing infectious medical waste in a cost effective, environmentally friendly manner with full consideration to sustainability and the reduction of greenhouse gases.
For more information regarding Red Bag Solutions and its technology offerings, refer to our website at or contact Don Millard, President and CEO at 770 331 4751, or [email protected]. For media inquiries contact Ward Miller, Chief Operating Officer at 443.499.2087, or [email protected].