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The Advantages of Processing Bio-Hazardous Medical Waste Using Red Bag Solutions' Technology


Whether you want to reduce costs, expand recycling, reduce risk of liability, enhance sustainability, or reduce your organization's carbon footprint, Red Bag Solutions' (RBS) technology and services offer a superior way to process and dispose of biohazardous medical waste.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, RBS has provided clients worldwide with the Steam Sterilization and Maceration System (SSM) for more than 18 years. Steam is recognized worldwide as an accepted standard for sterilizing biohazardous medical waste.

And the SSM system is designed for safe and cost-effective processing of a broad variety of medical waste, including:

    Biological agents and infectious materials
    Needles, syringes, and disposable surgical instruments
    Sharps containers and needle boxes
    Confidential media and proprietary materials
    Blood products and body fluids
    Pathogens: bacterial, viral, fungi and other infectious agents
    Contaminated animal carcasses and animal bedding, and
    Some pharmaceuticals.

With the SSM system, bio-hazardous medical waste is macerated and simultaneously surrounded by superheated water and steam until sterilization is achieved. The waste is made unrecognizable, while its volume and weight is reduced by up to 90 percent and 30 percent respectively. Once processed, solid waste is guaranteed sterile, safe and classified as ordinary municipal trash, while liquids are discharged into the sanitary sewer and completely accepted by all local regulatory agencies. Confidential material such as labels, CD's, microfilm and other media is completely destroyed and is no longer recognizable.

The environmentally friendly SSM is a completely closed system, so it processes waste without odor, without chemicals and without any negative air emissions. This 100 percent regulatory compliant technology is friendly to the internal environment, operating at less than 80 decibels.

SSM is easy to install and has a smaller footprint than other on-site medical waste processing technologies. SSM requires 250 square feet with minimum ceiling height of 9 feet. And SSM is built to last. With proper maintenance, its operational life expectancy is at least ten years.

SSM is safe and easy to operate. It is controlled by a Program Logic Control (PLC) system, allowing for minimal operator involvement. This control system also allows RBS to monitor the system 24/7 via the Internet for predictive and preventive maintenance using RBS' propriety software.

Besides the use by hospitals and Clinical Labs, Pharmaceutical and Bio Technology companies have also found the SSM to be advantageous for mitigating risk and reducing costs. An example of RBS' Bio/Pharm related clients who have installed SSM are: CEVA Biomune, Genzyme/Sanofi, Shire, USDA, American Red Cross, Medimmune, National Cancer Institute, etc.

Red Bag Solutions offers customizable options to support the acquisition and operation of SSM's proven technology. Your company does not need to in- RED BAG (continued from page 1) vest its cash in order to realize the many benefits provided by SSM. Red Bag Solutions offers Turnkey Service Agreements that can reduce your cost to dispose of bio-hazardous waste from the first day SSM is operational in your facility. For more information visit Booth #2305, or contact Eric Fox, Red Bag Solutions at 949-439-4544 or call 877-973-3224.

SUMMARY: The Red Bag SSM simultaneously cuts and sterilizes biohazardous medical waste on-site. SSM processed waste is sterilized, safe and unrecognizable. It can be recycled or placed in a municipal landfill. Eliminates the potential liability associated with spills and mishandling during transport of bio-hazardous waste. SSM-processed material is guaranteed safe before it leaves your premises. The system is easy to install, in approximately 300 square feet, economical, and can be implemented with no capital outlay. It produces no objectionable odors and uses no harmful chemicals.