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Red Bag introduces new tech for on-site processing of bio-hazardous waste


Steam is recognised worldwide as an accepted standard for sterilizing bio-hazardous medical waste. More recently, ozone, a powerful oxidant capable of destroying bacteria and viruses, has been introduced and accepted as a technology capable of sterilizing a broader range of bio-hazardous waste with less energy and water consumption than other technologies, including steam.

Red Bag Solutions (RBS), a manufacturing and waste management services company based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, offers both steam (SSM) and ozone (OSM) technologies for the on-site processing of medical waste.

SSM and OSM are designed for safe and cost-effective processing of a broad variety of medical waste, including: Biological agents and infectious materials, Needles, syringes, and disposable surgical instruments, Sharps containers and needle boxes, Confidential media and proprietary materials, Blood products and body fluids, Pathogens: bacterial, viral, fungi and other infectious agents, Contaminated animal carcasses and animal bedding, and Some pharmaceuticals.

With SSM, waste is macerated and particles are simultaneously surrounded by superheated water and steam until sterilization is achieved. With OSM, waste is macerated while particles are surrounded by ozone and ozone-infused water until sterilization is achieved.

After processing, waste is sterile, safe and no longer recognizable as medical waste. Liquids can be discharged into the sanitary sewer. Solids are converted into a confetti-like by-product that can be recycled or disposed of as ordinary municipal trash. Confidential material such as paper, CD's, microfilm and other media is completely destroyed and is no longer recognizable or readable.

Processing is odor-free and no negative air emissions are released. In addition, both systems are more environmentally friendly and less costly to operate than other on-site medical waste processing alternatives.

Both SSM and OSM are easy to install and cost-effective and safe to operate. Units have a smaller footprint than other on-site medical waste processing technologies. Waste volume is reduced by as much as 90%. Red Bag Solutions offers customizable options to support the acquisition and operation of SSM and OSM equipment.

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